Self acknowledgement…we all need it


A call this morning with a great women influenced this post.

We spoke today for the first time and it was incredible to hear about her accomplishments, her approach to work and life but what stood out the most was a comment that she made about needing validation and recognitionDespite the stellar job she does in her job and her accelerated career she is still waiting to be validated externally to confirm her value.

Do you need to receive outside acknowledgment to fuel you?  If so, you are not alone, this I know!



What I also know is if you are waiting for external validation to feel great about your work…you may be waiting a long time.  As an entrepreneur or a member of a team, rarely do people take the time to celebrate or acknowledge the great work you are doing.

The question is, are you taking the time to acknowledge yourself and the great work you are doing?  Probably not.

What’s one recent scenario where you wanted to be acknowledged but weren’t and felt poorly because of it?  Within that scenario, what’s one thing you know you did really well?  What’s it going to take to trust that it’s your truth and this is what other people know and see in you too?

I will go first.  Last week I was invited to be a guest on BNN’s Money Talk.  It was such a great opportunity for me as there are many executive coaches who could have been invited on as a guest, but they chose me.

Even simply stating that fact feels good, let alone creates momentum to want to do more and better.

How about you?

By the Way, I have heard that it will air Wed the 24th at 7p.m. on Business News Network.  The link I referred to on the show was if you don’t catch it.


VACATION ALERT: I truly value the time I have with my family, so this will be my last post until I return from my family travels out east to Nova Scotia. I will mostly be in rural areas with limited internet access….so I will connect upon my return August 20th!

2 thoughts on “Self acknowledgement…we all need it

  1. Something I’ve been asking myself lately: “Why can I give everyone else the credit they deserve (if not more than that) but not award the same to myself?” Perhaps this trend in my thoughts does have some positive effects (ie. keeps me perpetually looking to do more, do better and seek out new challenges) but why cant I also pat myself on the back and feel the satisfaction of a job well-done? Nuh-uh. Not cool. How can I expect other people to recognize and acknowledge my awesomeness if the person who knows me best (me) won’t?

  2. Hey Stephanie, girl you are not alone! For sure the desire to excel will keep you going, but imagine how much further you can go or effective you would be with the wind behind your back? Before, I never would have acknowledged myself, let alone in public;) I have now realized who am I NOT to be my best. It didn’t help me by playing small and I can’t imagine it helps you either;) Thanks so much for sharing!!

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