Consistency is key!

Recently a dear friend of mine, Sylvia Walker, and I were chatting about consistency. How for some reason we are able to get ourselves to take certain actions and then resistant to other actions.

I asked her if she would write a blog post for me as I am certain we are not alone. I find it incredibly invaluable to hear about other people’s experiences and perspectives. Today, Sylvia is sharing her experiences and a commitment.  Hopefully it will inspire others to find consistency in whatever you are working at.

Thanks Sylvia!

Consistency is key…I have to keep reminding myself!

Why is it that I am able to focus and be consistent with some things and not others? That is something I ask myself each and every day.

I am very committed to exercising 5 days a week. I’m lucky to work from home so I squeeze it in anywhere between 5:45am and 1pm….and there are NO negotiations around that.  So the good news is that I know I can have the focus, the determination and the ‘no matter what’ attitudethe big question is why can’t I do that for my business?

I work with Arbonne, an amazing network marketing company where literally the sky is the limit for compensation, personal growth and a life of freedom. One of the things we are taught early with our business is that you need to do something every day to enhance your business – 1 new name to your funnel, 1 ask to try a product or host an event…you get what I mean.  I find myself getting lost doing this –instead of making those calls or asking people to try our amazing products, I skip off for a run or to the gym, I organize my house, I have a shower…none of which is helping my business.  In a world where we are looking for the instant result – the email, the text, the online result, the endorphin high of a workout – the tough stuff gets pushed aside.

To steal from Oprah’s magazine – what I know for sure is that it’s not about going to the gym 8 hours on a Sunday, it’s about doing a little bit each day to make you feel good.

Posting this for others to read is good accountability…so here’s my commitment.

I’m committing to turning that into a business practiceeach day, do something that reminds me of the gift I have in my business and the potential that it can bring me. I am going to pay attention to what is needed to grow my business, just a little bit each day.

Instead of expecting instant results I’m going to do what I heard an amazing man by the name of Keith Kochner once say “little step, little step, watch for the opportunity….” It is so true – if I keep my eye on the prize and put my focus in my daily opportunity for growth and change, that’s when the big payoff happens.

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