Prioritizing work over life….

I was speaking with a friend the other day who told me that for 2 years she’s been meaning to be the parent volunteer for her child’s kindergarten class. Her work is insanely busy and she’s had no time. The child was now graduating into grade one and the opportunity is now gone. Retrospectively, had she booked off the time, like she does for dentist apts and meetings, she could have made it happen.
Opportunity lost.
This really resonated because I too know that there are certain things that are important to me, yet I still take little or no action on them.

I can identify three things as I type this that are truly my top priorities: 1) practicing reading with my son 2) strength exercises for my weak back 3) making time to practice soccer with my eldest.
All three of these things are important, yet I haven’t implemented a thing with any consistency. It’s too easy for each day to slip by without doing something differently. BUT when I fast forward to Sept 1, or 1 year from today, and ask myself how am I going to feel if I don’t do anything about it? Pretty shit#y!
That’s the gift of this Tuesday blog for me, the window to stop and identify what’s important, needs to change and commit to doing something differently.
The end of school brings a natural end and beginning to our routines. It’s up to me to insert these priorities into our summer.

What is a priority that you keep putting off? Share it here….you’ll be more apt to doing it;)
As well, I am LOOKING FOR GUEST BLOGGERS for Your Tuesday Power Outlet.
If you are interested send me an email and I’ll send you further info. Criteria are simple. This blog represents the voice of working women, committed to doing their best at work and in life. I believe that we can always learn from other’s experiences and would love to hear your perspectives and experiences around topics that matter to you!

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