What if…….

To celebrate a win, I was recently contracted by TD Bank to create a goal setting Workbook.  I will be using this workbook to guide high performing female entrepreneur through the exercise in workshops beginning in September.  Yeah!

I have been working on this project for almost a month, but prior to sending over my first draft a few days ago the “What ifs” started…..

What if they don’t like it….

What if I the end result isn’t strong enough….

What if they come back and say start all over….

Can you relate?

I was making up all of these outcomesI won’t actually know until they see it!

What was shocking is how loud the What ifs were in my mind despite the fact that I trusted:

I had worked really hard.

I had done my best.

I know what I’m doing.

They asked me because they wanted my approach.

I can respond to their feedback and make adjustments.

Their feedback will only enhance the Workbook.

And the list goes on.

Despite the fact that it was a default thought, I chose to shut the negative “What ifs” down! They weren’t adding any value;)

I was reminded of the “What ifs” on a call today with a client who is embarking on a new consulting career.  She is incredibly talented, knowledgeable and has expertise in a very specific industry, yet her default and “go to thought” was a negative “What if”. Specifically, “What if my final report isn’t good enough!”

She was able to get out of her own way once she started to trust and own the value she’d bring the proposed project.  Her new and empowered perspective actually made her eager to call the prospect and get started!

The details around her didn’t change, just how she chose to respond to them did.

My question to you is, do you have a negative “What if” that’s limiting you?

If so, ask yourself, is there truth in what you are worrying about? or What’s a potential positive outcome for the same scenario? (We are making the sh#t up, so why not make up things that works for us;)

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