Stretching into new habits

One of my core beliefs is that in order to live your best life, you have to leave your comfort zone. If you don’t agree, that’s cool with me.

This being said, I typically only thought about leaving your comfort zone in terms of bold actions and taking quantum leaps….but there’s a whole other side of leaving your comfort zone that had never crossed my mind.

It’s the quieter side about stretching into new habits that aren’t my norm, but benefit me, supporting me in helping to live my best life.

What am I talking about?

It was a recent situation in my family that allowed me to realize this.

I am traditionally so focused on moving my business and life forward in purposeful and productive ways, I wasn’t realizing I was also totally missing the boat.

Full disclosure.  My habitual tendency is not being the master of details. My husband can attest;) This being said, I was comfortable with the label and would respond to anyone who asked that “I’m not a details person”.  What I hadn’t realized is that by assuming this title, I was choosing to stay in my comfort zone, but also role modeling this choice to my kids.

My default of “not paying attention to details” is actually a cop out for me.  I’m all about doing my best, but by owning that label, I wasn’t.

Here’s how I learnt my lesson.

My eldest daughter plays/practices soccer 4/week makes and to me that’s more than good enough to learn commitment, team work , work ethic, etc….

In addition to being there and doing her best, she was supposed to be filing out a log book, taking notes on what she focused on during practice, what she needs to do differently next time, rating how well she thought she did, etc….

From my perspective, she was doing her best and the log book never crossed my mind as a priority until she both got in trouble for not doing it.  In fairness to the coach, he’s teaching their team life lessons and transferable skills….and I guess I’m the student too.

Yes, I realize that it’s not my responsibility to take on her log book, but the lesson in this for me was that I was missing the opportunity to stretch outside of my comfort zone, doing the quieter, detailed and focused tasks, that weren’t my default tendencies. Developing new habits that add value in supporting me to do my best and live my best life.

What are some habits that you’d benefit from stretching into? Quite often I hear people talking about managing time or paying attention to details.  You?

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