Being present…..

Today I am challenged by one of those days, not enough time to get everything done.  Can you relate;)  As a result, this post is being kept short.  It’s my reminder to just BE PRESENT.  I can only do what I can do….

Sometimes I just have to trust and let go.  Like at this very moment. Challenged by the fact that I have made this commitment to myself to consistently post on Tuesdays, however I also need to be accessible to my eldest daughter for a project she’s working on, and be out the door in 30 min!

Here’s my commitment in this moment: Stop and be present when she’s asking me a question, vs just glancing over and trying to keep writing and answer at the same time. (She doesn’t need my full attention – promise;)

Yes, this all sounds very basic, but think about other times in your day when the scenario is different, but the details are the same. 

Times when you are obviously physically present, but your my mind isn’t.

Like when I’m in the car. Far too often my thoughts are racing, meanwhile I’m totally missing out on a chance to connect with a captive audience – my kids.

And at soccer, I’m thinking about my business, my to dos, checking my phone….so many distractions, yet I have my other two children surrounding me.  A perfect opportunity to play.

It’s in these moments that I have to stop and be present.  Trusting that I will get to my business’ to dos, I always do, but that my time, connecting with my kids is something I can’t take for granted. 

What does this have to do with stepping outside of my comfort zone….a lot! It’s about trusting that nothing will break, stop or fall off the rails if I’m not ‘on it’.  It’s all about making the choices that will allow me to live my best life.

I’m going to sign off, to be totally available, engaged and trusting that this is the best choice for me in this moment.

What do you want to do differently to be present?

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