What are you tolerating?

After being away for 10 days and one long weekend, I’m refocusing.  One question that was asked of me while at a conference with a Mastermind program I am involved with, and mentored by Lisa Sasevich, was “What are you tolerating?”.

Tolerating in the sense of not doing anything to change your environment or situation.

I’m going to share mine…..

but what tolerating can be as simple as your scanner not working, so anytime you have to use it, it takes more effort than necessary, consuming your time and keeping you from doing your true priorities.

Or it can be needing to free your life of a truly negative influence. Someone you have been tolerating, but they only drag you down, drain your energy, keep you from being your best.

Your actions don’t have to be as drastic as ‘breaking up with them’ but your action could be to decide you aren’t going to give them your energy. Maybe it’s by choosing not to ‘go there’ with them, or have a ‘go to’ thought.

A ‘go to’ thought is what I use for example when I’m with someone who I truly wouldn’t choose to spend time with. My ‘go to’ thought is truly “I’m grateful I’m not married to them.”  This thought changes what I’m feeling, and allows me to not give them my energy.

Here’s mine:

1)    FAMILY: I was tolerating not having a designated family dinner night. Old school where we ALL come together and share.  Despite the fact that I am a purposeful mom and committed to instilling family values in my kids, Scott and I have been talking about the need to do this…but haven’t committed.

Commitment: We are having a Sunday night dinner, starting next week! May 26th,

2)    BUSINESS: I was tolerating not playing as BIG as I know I can. I am always stepping outside of what’s comfortable for me, but deep down I know there’s more. I’m meant to play a bigger game.

Commitment: I have am committed to sharing a program I am running, with an incredible group of women I have the opportunity to share what I do with.  Stay tuned.

Just the action of putting something out there….creates a HUGE sense of accountability.  If you really want to create change – Put it out there. Share it…and you can start here;)

How about you?

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