Giving up….not an option

I have just returned from Laguna Beach for some R&R with some besties. The best Mother’s Day gift to myself;)

On my way here, I was one of the last to board, and slid in beside this young 30 something year old sweet guy named Adam Korson. (I had to Google him, because I’m not current on my TV series…unless it’s Revenge!)

It ended up that he’s the lead actor on Seeds, a sitcom and was back in TO because he was being honoured by Hello Magazine as the 50 Sexiest…or something else that was very complimentary.

Why am I sharing this?  Not because I had a crush….or maybe do…but truly because he was such a great reminder of NOT giving UP on a dream and a passion!

He moved to LA, lived out of his car, brushed his teeth in public bathrooms…but the entire time, he trusted in himself. Giving up wasn’t an option.

I was truly in heaven speaking with him as his approach to life is quite simple and grounded. Yes, he’s made it and has a really cool not for profit documentary that he’s working on, but he’s a true reminder of not giving up.

Who knows when your next Yes will be.  If you stop, you’ll NEVER get there!

That being said, if you don’t even start….that’s a whole other blog post;)

The sun is calling me outside for a bike ride…so this post is short and sweet…a simple reminder that if we are passionate about something do not give up, despite how hard or far away it feels in the moment.

You may be giving up 3 feet from gold.

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