Perspective – A Key Success Factor

I was sporting a two toned hair style…but not by design, but because my roots were in desperate need of a touch up.  I’m off to California to celebrate my wonderful friend Lindsay’s 40th with a handful of other besties, including my older sister, I needed to make it happen.

My hairdresser’s  salon is located in Cabbagetown, one of my favourite, colourful and eclectic  neighbourhoods in Toronto. What does any of this have to do with moving out of your comfort zone to take confident action….I’m getting there;)

As I sat in Lam’s chair, the front door wide open welcoming the warm spring air, a man on a bike rode by on two different occasions from both directions singing out loud.  It was his singing that fueled this post.

Lam’s response was how wonderful it was to hear someone so happy.  I couldn’t agree more, but then I watched someone turn around and stare at the singing man with a scowl on their face.  Obviously their perspective was different.

What became so apparent is that Perspective is such a gift and a key to success.  Success, as defined by you – quantified or quantified. There are lots of ways to dissect every scenario that presents itself…and we get to choose how we want to see or respond to it.

How was the man with the scowl benefiting in any capacity?

Bringing this back to a work context yesterday I was about to send an email, but I wasn’t feeling 100% confident with it.  My initial perspective was one of blah, negative ‘what ifs’….but thank goodness I now know I get to choose the  perspective from which I choose to see it.  I know that if something feels less than empowering, I can choose to see it from a different light.

An easy go to for me was to simply ask myself “Is doing this, worth being 1 step closer to my desired outcome?” …and the answer was yes!

The action I needed to take didn’t change, just how I chose to see it.

Going back to Lam, I shared that this singing episode had fueled this post and I share the name of my blog.  His response was how awesome it was to have a reminder that on Tuesday’s you need to take action.  It’s Ironic because I hadn’t approached these post with that intention, but imagine what would change if every Tuesday you took a BOLD ACTION. Taking 1 step outside of your comfort zone and towards a long term goal. By the end of the year, you’d have taken at least 52 productive and purposeful steps.  Cool eh!

Anyone up for the challenge?  You can share each Bold Action, report back to celebrate at the end of any post or in the TurnerCoaching Facebook group.

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