The Upside of Goal Setting

Until the last few years, I NEVER set goals.  I actually avoided committing to ANY specific desired outcome.  My reason ….I trusted that I was always doing my best, so if I fell short of my goals, I didn’t want to feel badly about it. 

I realize now that this was a COP OUT

By not having a clear idea of what I wanted to create in my life and work,  I was allowing myself to live and stay within my comfort zone. 

There’s nothing wrong with living in your comfort zone, but for me in order to live the best version of my life, I know with 100% certainty, it means stepping outside of my comfort zone. Continue reading

What are you tolerating?

After being away for 10 days and one long weekend, I’m refocusing.  One question that was asked of me while at a conference with a Mastermind program I am involved with, and mentored by Lisa Sasevich, was “What are you tolerating?”.

Tolerating in the sense of not doing anything to change your environment or situation.

I’m going to share mine…..

Continue reading

Giving up….not an option

I have just returned from Laguna Beach for some R&R with some besties. The best Mother’s Day gift to myself;)

On my way here, I was one of the last to board, and slid in beside this young 30 something year old sweet guy named Adam Korson. (I had to Google him, because I’m not current on my TV series…unless it’s Revenge!)

It ended up that he’s the lead actor on Seeds, a sitcom and was back in TO because he was being honoured by Hello Magazine as the 50 Sexiest…or something else that was very complimentary.

Why am I sharing this?  Not because I had a crush….or maybe do…but truly because he was such a great reminder of NOT giving UP on a dream and a passion! Continue reading

Perspective – A Key Success Factor

I was sporting a two toned hair style…but not by design, but because my roots were in desperate need of a touch up.  I’m off to California to celebrate my wonderful friend Lindsay’s 40th with a handful of other besties, including my older sister, I needed to make it happen.

My hairdresser’s  salon is located in Cabbagetown, one of my favourite, colourful and eclectic  neighbourhoods in Toronto. What does any of this have to do with moving out of your comfort zone to take confident action….I’m getting there;) Continue reading