“Is it even possible?”

What if I’m not good enough?

What if they say no?

What if they don’t like me?

Do you ever STOP yourself before you’ve EVEN STARTED?

I sure did, but here’s what changed for me! I finally realized that I was MAKING UP ALL OF THE OUTCOMES to be negative. If I’m making the shit up anyways, why not choose something that actually adds value to me!

It became really clear WHY I avoided taking specific action. Why would I choose to do something I had already told myself I was going to fail at.  True for you too?

Try this ….Identify 1 thing you’ve been avoiding because of a negative outcome and identify 1 potential positive outcome?  Doesn’t if feel so different?

When push comes to shove, another thing that gets me into action is asking myself “How am I going to feel 1 year from now if I don’t even try!”  Ouch!

So here are 3 Things you can DO to STOP questioning and START doing…  because you’ll never know unless you try!

MISTAKE #1: Not having crystal clarity about what you want!

Where is taking this next action leading you? Do you know? It’s kind of like going for a day long car ride without a final destination. At the end of the day, you’ve spent a lot of time, used resources, but may not be any further head.


Having clarity and knowing exactly what your goal is: where you are going, what will be different when you are there, etc….is all about creating your VISION.  This vision also acts as a TOOL, to remind yourself of exactly why you are choosing to stretch outside your comfort zone.  Without a clear vision, you may find it’s not worth the risk because you don’t know what you are putting yourself out there for.

  1. 1.      Create your Vision: Ask yourself the question, in 5 years from now….What are you doing, where are you working, how often, who are you surrounded by, how much money are you making, what are you doing for fun, are you traveling, what will be different when you are there, etc… Here’s FREE TOOL POWER SYSTEM. VISION to help you to create your VISION.  You can also create a VISION BOARD

MISTAKE #2  Standing in own way

Nothing is possible if you don’t even try.  NO idea becomes anything without action!  Often it’s the negative “what ifs” that keep us stuck, or fear, insecurity or self doubt.  Standing in your own way is a CHOICE.


  1. PHOs (Positive Hypothetical Outcomes):  Stop yourself when you start to create the Negative outcomes and replace with a possible good one!
  2. Values list: Here’s another TOOL you can use to confidently align yourself with all of the reasons you are choosing to take the action…. If you don’t have one already, visit www.freegiftsfromvictoria.com to get your own copy of your VALUES LIST.  Once you have completed the list, go back and circle all of the values that you are honouring by taking the specific action you have been avoiding, grounding yourself in an authentic and quite confidence.

MISTAKE #3: Doing it Alone

To borrow a quote from one of my favourite books “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, he shares “No individual has sufficient experience, education, native ability and knowledge to ensure the accumulation of a great fortune without the cooperation of other people.”  This was wisdom I wished I’d had when I created my first business, www.pippalily.com, which I sold in 2011.  To truly perform to your highest potential, you need to reach outside of yourself and surround yourself with a network of incredible people.


  1. Network and Connect – Realize you can’t do it alone.  Ask for help, suggestions, brainstorm, etc..  Connect with a community of like-minded individuals who too are working towards similar outcomes.
  2. Ask an Expert: Do you need a professional for marketing, conflict resolution, sales, business growth, getting out of your own way, etc….?

What were you questioning?  What had you stopped yourself from doing…but are now willing to try?  I’d love to hear!!

If you are STILL HESITATING to take action you can also register here for my FREE upcoming teleseminar titled Getting Out of Your Own Way: How to Take Confident Action in the Face of Fear, Insecurity or Self Doubt.   Register here: http://bit.ly/17Tp2EY

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