What Are You Walking Right Over?

Literally, as I walked in the woods over the weekend with my dog, I couldn’t help but giggle at myself. Along the path were thousands of green stems with little purple flowers (name evades me at the moment….anyone??), poking up from under the leaves of the ravine’s floor. They were all around me, yet I hadn’t even noticed until then.

Yes, I know it’s a sign of Spring, so they literally just grew, but to me it was a reminder of all of the opportunities that are right around me, sometimes right under my feet, that I wasn’t even paying attention to or taking advantage of.

Here’s a picture of the scene, with a recorded audio….really cool APP from  www.spokenphotoapp.com where you can record audio right onto the picture you took.  http://bit.ly/ZLlJYQ

Does anything come up for you in reading this? Is there an opportunity literally right in front of you, or under your feet?  Something you want to take action on…that you want to commit to doing?  Half of the battle of getting it done, is putting it out there😉

I’ll go first. It relates to spreading the message about an upcoming FREE teleseminar I’m giving titled: Get Out of Your Own Way: How to Take Confident Action in The Face of Fear, Insecurity or Self-Doubt. I will send it out to a group of women I just became affiliated, that I hadn’t thought about.

You? What do you want to commit to doing?

If YOU would like to attend this FREE CALL…..REGISTER here for your spot http://getoutofownway.eventbrite.ca

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