“Get Over Yourself”…do you need to?

I sure did! I literally just closed my front door, turned around and said it out loud!

My blurt was instigated by the Jehovah’s Witnesses at my door.  Two lovely ladies knocked on my door very confidently and stood there sharing their messages with no reservations.

I shut the door and said out loud “Seriously Victoria, get over yourself”.

Their timing was beautiful! They were the exact reminder I needed to get me into action…the action I had been avoiding!

Here were two women obviously doing their life’s work, constantly putting themselves ‘out there’, for the purpose of serving others.  Here I was, sitting behind my computer, having so much to give, but choosing to remain silent and inactive.

I started to type this blog, then thought “where’s the credibility in here”.  I take pride in my ability to help women take confident action, outside of their comfort zones, to get results.  Here I was avoiding it.  I was totally aware that I was avoiding my call, but that seemed to be fine with me in the moment.

So, I did two things before I continued to type this.  I #1) pitched a conference to be a speaker #2) called a very well-known coach to pitch an idea on how we can work together…and he’s since responded;)

…and it feels SO much better just to do it! Stop thinking about it, and take action knowing you are now one step closer to reaching your goals.

What do you KNOW YOU NEED to do, that you’ve been avoiding…and want to commit to doing it this week?

Share here and then report back to celebrate!

I am also thrilled to host my first Power Hour Spreecast: Tues April 16th at 2 -3 p.m. (EST) where you are invited to join in the free conversation.  Come and share what specific action you keep avoiding, that you know you need to take, and I’ll bring my coaching toolkit to get you into action!  It’s FREE. Ladies, let’s get into action and generating the results you want!!

What’s a Spreecast? Spreecast is a FREE platform that connects people through video conversation.

Here’s the link:  http://www.spreecast.com/events/your-power-hour

I’d love to see you there…and please invite other business women who too are ready to get out of their own way to take action!

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